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Customers of FNBO – Petra Custom Builders

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      Sep 25 2023

Customers of FNBO – Petra Custom Builders

We are proud to feature Jimmy Moore, owner of Petra Custom Builders in Boulder, Colorado.

Jimmy began taking on extra projects while working for a large commercial contractor. One side job led to another until it became clear around 2009 that it was time to start his own business — one that stood out.

“The commercial side is very transactional,” Jimmy said. “I wanted to make connections, relationships. I’ve always called it a servant leadership approach to running the business.”

The result is a company built on a culture of integrity and authenticity that leans into the wolf pack mentality of going further together. The company’s success is driven by core values of relentless forward momentum, exercising discipline, confidence with humility, intentional thought and action, and open and honest relationships.

Many contractors can deliver a quality product, Jimmy said, but it’s the people — the pack — that differentiates Petra Custom Builders. Initial client consultations are focused on ensuring an alignment of values.

“We’re not black tie, we’re not polished, but we're intentionally not polished, we simply value other things,” he explained. “At first glance, we may look a little rough around the edges, but we’ve been doing this for a long time; Wranglers and Nikes just suit us better than khakis and a polo.”

Clients who connect with the Petra culture essentially join the team’s pack, building a partnership based on understanding and communication that leads to beautiful home construction and renovation projects.

The culture and the company have grown over time. When Jimmy started Petra Custom Builders, he didn’t realize how much went into running a business.

“I had heard of QuickBooks before, but I couldn't have even told you what a profit and loss sheet was,” he said. “I just knew I was pretty good at construction.”

He learned along the way, through trial and error, reading books and concentrating on culture. When asked about advice for others starting a business, he recommended focusing on the right things.

“You have to start with identifying what your boundaries are, and then you have to have define culture and values within those boundaries,” Jimmy said. Write down the core values that will anchor your business and create one-, three- and five-year plans to keep you accountable. And build strong relationships — like the one he has with his banker at FNBO.

“I wish I had some profound reason why I chose FNBO in the beginning,” he said. “But I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt why I stayed with FNBO. It is our banker, Monty Meduna. He goes above and beyond for us.

“Monty absolutely owns a piece of why we've been successful.”

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