Rod Larsen

Why am I a Mortgage Lender

I enjoy my interactions with clients and working with them to develop a financial plan. Using the purchase of a home as a major asset helps them achieve financial freedom and that’s extremely rewarding.

I've seen a lot of changes to our industry, but the one constant is that people will always need a feeling of purpose in their work and involvement in their community, food, and shelter. Homeownership truly is the American dream!

My Experience

I've been in mortgage lending since 1992. I was in the foreclosure/collections field at the beginning of my career which is when I consciously decided that originating loans was a better fit. That was the start of this incredible journey. I recently managed mortgage teams to gain valuable knowledge about the operations and budgeting side of home lending.

Interesting to know

I enjoy traveling to our National Parks with my wife and family. So far, we have visited 27 of 62! I also love seeing Major League Baseball stadiums and have been to 16 of the 30 total parks. I'm an avid Husker football and Bluejay basketball fan! Currently, we are traveling around the Midwest following our son, Ryan, and the Midland University basketball team as he enters his junior year.

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Important Information

1 First National Bank's Lock & Shop program locks the initial interest rate for 60 or 90 days on 15 and 30-year conventional, 30-year FHA and VA fixed-rate purchase loan products. Your exact interest rate will depend on the date you lock your rate. In order to obtain this rate, a fully executed purchase agreement must be received by First National Bank within 30 calendar days of a 60 day lock or 60 calendar days of a 90 day lock. You will have the option to extend the due date for the purchase agreement and the rate lock expiration one time by 15 days. In addition, you may exercise a float down in the rate to the current market rate within 7 calendar days of executing a purchase contract. Please contact your loan officer to exercise this float down option. Additional fees, conditions or exclusions may apply. This is neither a commitment to lend nor an approval of the loan inquiry. Any change in rate or fees may affect approval of the loan.


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