Digitize and automate all of your payments tasks with PayMaker.

Pay all of your bills in minutes

  • Receive or upload bills directly into a virtual digital inbox
  • Customize digital approval processes by vendors
  • Make electronic payments to any vendor or pay by check

Get paid up to 2X faster

  • Customize and send electronic invoices to customers
  • View payment statuses and setup automated reminders
  • Choose how you get paid; directly to your bank account or by check

PayMaker is separated into two unique plans to meet the payment needs of your growing business.

PayMaker Basic

Your focused payment experience.

PayMaker Advanced

Your expanded payment solution for growing needs.

PayMaker Advanced Client Testimonials

  • "I didn’t realize how much we needed PayMaker. It has simplified my life. I’m now able to track payments and my vendors are able to be paid faster."

    - Dawn Dworak, Controller, Capehart Dentistry - Read Testimonial

    Capehart Dentistry
    Capehart Dentistry
  • "We save so much time not printing checks, finding signers and tracking down uncashed checks. We’ve also saved money by not having to use paper checks, ink and postage."

    - Sarah Jones, Controller, Art Jetter & Company - Read Testimonial

    Art Jetter Company
    Art Jetter Company
  • "Days to payment are now up to 2 times faster, and S2 Repair and Maintenance has seen a 50 percent reduction in the time required to reconcile payments at month’s end."

    - S2 Repair & Maintenance - Read Testimonial

    S2 Repair & Maintenance
    S2 Repair & Maintenance

How can PayMaker benefit your business?

Save Time

Save time with payment process automation so you can focus more on your business.

Increase Efficiency

Eliminate duplicate data entry and reduce manual error with automation and sync.

Gain More Control

Setup customized payment routing and approval workflows that fit your team.

Keep Everything in Sync

Sync your payments directly with your bank account and top accounting software tools.

Reduce Payment Fraud

Reduce the risk of fraud with built-in payment verification tools.

Fast, Exceptional Support

Click to chat or email a PayMaker expert 24/7.

PayMaker Video Series

Watch our short, step-by-step instruction videos on how to complete everyday tasks in PayMaker. In our video series, we'll show you how to:

  • navigate the PayMaker Digital Inbox
  • make payments in a variety of ways
  • connect to vendors in the PayMaker network and add new vendors
  • create customized invoices and send bills for payment
  • customize PayMaker account features that enhance your business brand
  • and more!

Pay and get paid with speed, efficiency and security.

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