Pay and process all your bills in minutes.

  • Receive & Enter Bills: Receive or scan bills into a virtual inbox. Share and access from anywhere.
  • Process & Approve: Automate and streamline approvals.
  • Make Payments: Make easy electronic payments to any vendor or pay by check.

Speed payment approvals up to 3x faster.

  • Create & Send Invoices: Customize and send electronic payments.
  • Track & Remind: View payment status and automate reminders.
  • Receive Payments: Choose how you get paid; directly to your bank account or by check.

Freedom to approve, pay and bookkeep from anywhere.

Accounting Software Sync

Keep your systems up-to-date and eliminate double data entry with automated sync.

Digital Inbox

Carry your file cabinet in your back pocket. PayMaker digitizes and stores your invoices and payments in one, cloud-based place.

Visibility to Cash Flow

Get a clear, detailed view of incoming and outgoing payments with a variety of reporting capabilities.

Roles & Permissions

Control who can take what action and give approvers visibility to only the information they need.

Approval Workflow

Route bills automatically according to your rules, track progress, set reminders, and nudge approvers within PayMaker to process bills faster.

Mobile Access

Review, approve and pay on-the-go from any device, anytime with mobile responsive design and functionality.

Fraud Protection

Built-in payment verification and payment control reduce the risk of fraud.


Click to chat or email a specialist right within PayMaker 24/7.

Payments Process Calculators

Calculate how much time and money your current payments process is costing your business each month.


Customers report saving 36 business days on average annually with PayMaker.


Introducing PayMaker by FNBO!

What if you could cut the time it takes to pay invoices by 50%? What if you could process all of your payments in minutes and get paid 2 times faster? Watch our short video so see how PayMaker can save you both time and money and transform the way your business pays and gets paid!

PayMaker by FNBO

“With any business, we know that time and cash are your two most precious resources. We created PayMaker with this in mind.”

–Clint Sporhase, VP of Business Banking

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