PayMaker by FNBO

Learn how to use the PayMaker platform by viewing our tutorial videos in the following three categories.

Sending Payment Tasks with PayMaker

Send a Quick Payment

Add a Bill and Make A Payment

Pay a Previously Saved Bill

Instantly Connect to a Vendor

Setup ACH or Electronic Payment with PayMaker

Recurring Payments with PayMaker

Overview of your PayMaker Inbox

Add a Vendor and Send Network Invite

Bulk Payments in PayMaker

Receiving Payment Tasks with PayMaker

Create and Send an Invoice in PayMaker

Recurring Invoices in PayMaker Advanced

Send an Invoice Reminder in PayMaker

Automated Reminders in PayMaker Advanced

Auto Charge in PayMaker Advanced

Custom Invoice and Email Template PayMaker Advanced

PayMaker Account Settings Instruction Videos

Add Company Logo and Custom URL to PayMaker Account

Reporting Capabilities in PayMaker Advanced

Email Preferences in PayMaker