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Wealth Management Trust Services

Trust us with the ones you care about most.

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Trust us with the ones you care about most.

You’ve worked hard to build the future you’ve always wanted. We’ll work hard to ensure it stays that way.

Trusts and estate planning play an important role in ensuring your family’s legacy. First National Bank Wealth Management has the expertise and resources to serve your family for generations. We will:

  • Serve as a fiduciary, putting your interests first.
  • Work collaboratively with your other professional advisors—accountants, attorneys and others—to create an integrated team.
  • Provide a dedicated local advisor with decision-making authority. You will never be directed to a call center.
  • Deliver expertise in real estate, closely held companies and other unique asset management.
  • Offer flexibility to serve a full range of clients and their unique complexities.
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Our Services Include:

  • Administration of revocable and irrevocable trusts
  • Estate settlement and guidance to heirs
  • Charitable gifting strategies and implementation
  • Special needs trusts
  • Conservatorships
  • Family foundation management
  • Professional management of real estate, natural resources and closely held assets
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Why a corporate trustee?

As your corporate trustee, we assume responsibility for managing your trust assets according to your specific instructions. This alleviates the time-consuming and burdensome task from your friends, family and loved ones. Plus, it ensures you have:

  • Professionals with expertise to manage the tax and administrative complexities of trusts
  • Active investment management of the trust assets
  • Investment strategies tailored to the unique needs of your trust beneficiaries
  • Objectivity that family and friends do not always have in dealing with beneficiaries and controversial family issues
  • Assurances of well-tested policies and procedures under regulatory scrutiny, unlike individual trustees
  • A continuous trustee ensuring your trust objectives are met

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FNN Trust Company

FNN Trust Company takes a proactive approach to building, preserving, protecting and transferring wealth for our clients. Located in South Dakota, we operate under advantageous trust laws and are able to extend the benefits of these laws to our clients and their advisors in any state. Benefits include:

  • Unlimited trust duration/no rule against perpetuity
  • No State income tax on income, capital gains, dividends, interest, intangibles or any other income
  • Lowest Insurance Premium Tax
  • Third party discretionary trust laws for asset protection
  • Best privacy statutes for trusts in the US
  • Modern trust laws that allow for directed and delegated trusts
  • Flexibility and control over or input on investment, distribution decisions
  • Efficient and cost-effective processes for trust modification, reformation, decanting and virtual representation
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What does leaving a legacy mean to you?

Watch our video to learn how estate planning can help ensure your legacy is passed on to the next generation.

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