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Customers of FNBO—Houska Automotive’s Story

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      Sep 21 2021

Customers of FNBO—Houska Automotive’s Story

We’re proud to feature Houska Automotive in Fort Collins, Colorado.

“Houska Automotive was started by my grandfather Charles Houska in 1952,” Vice President LJ Houska shared. “He was an airplane mechanic during World War II working on B17s before opening the shop.”

LJ, son of current Houska Automotive president Dennis Houska, says that the family dynamic has worked well for the company, which will be celebrating its 70th anniversary next year.

“It has been great working with family. We all want to see the business grow and be prosperous. We work hard and play hard together.”

Now in its third generation of family operation, Houska Automotive has become one of the largest facilities in northern Colorado to service both regular and heavy-duty vehicles. The Houskas credit their hometown community of Fort Collins with much of their success.

“Houska Automotive will celebrate its 70th year in business in 2022. We couldn't have done it without the northern Colorado community,” LJ said.

And Houska Automotive understands the importance of being a good neighbor within that community — both in business and environmentally.

The company has partnered with local initiatives, such as the City of Fort Collins ClimateWise Program and has been awarded the Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce Environmental Business Award for its efforts in running a sustainable business.

Its efforts to be a good neighbor are implemented on the personal level, too. In 2012, to celebrate the company’s 60th anniversary, the Houska team set out on a mission to perform 60 random acts of kindness in the community and exceeded their goal by completing over 100.

But this should come as no surprise to anyone who’s worked with Houska Automotive and experienced their commitment to customer care firsthand.

“We couldn't have grown to the size we are without our employees,” LJ said. “They keep the business striving to be better and better every day.”

When asked if he had any advice for anyone looking to start their own business, LJ emphasized the importance of initiative and perseverance, as well as the connections you make with other people.

“Your personal drive is where it starts,” LJ explained. “But creating an elite network of business partners, vendors, employees and customers is what makes the business grow.”

It’s this same emphasis on personal connection and customer service that led Houska Automotive to their banking partnership with FNBO.

“It is the personal touch that FNBO has that keeps us as customers,” LJ said.

Learn more about Houska Automotive here.

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